President Franklin D Roosevelt Secret Service

President Franklin D Roosevelt Secret Service
President Franklin D Roosevelt Secret Service

Sunday, December 3, 2017

FDR's Secret Service Detail Chief, Mike Reilly

(via the FBI/ NEW JFK DOCUMENT RELEASES) So FDR's Secret Service Detail Chief, Mike Reilly, was a drunk and his brother was a perv, huh? click on images to enlarge

Sunday, April 30, 2017


GREAT NEWS! The paperback edition is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon and worldwide (a day early)! The kindle, nook, and Google Play versions have been out since 4/21/17. The reaction has been overwhelmingly great (including from authors Phil Nelson, Flip De Mey, and David Wayne). I appreciate all your support. If you would like a signed copy directly from myself, send me a private message.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Secret Service Agent Philip E. Geauque

photo album by Secret Service Agent Philip E. Geauque (pronounced Gee-ack). Agent Geauque photographed and had photographed the Secret Service detail surrounding this historic trip. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd President and the first sitting president to visit Hawaii. Agent Geauque was part of the

protective detail. Some of the pages of actual photographs are meticulously detailed by written narrative under each one.

Included in this auction is the official “Honolulu-Star Bulletin President Roosevelt in Hawaii July, 1934” publication. Many of the official photographs in the published bulletin are similar to the actual photos by Agent Geauque, obviously, because he was there. Please see the one example comparison. The bulletin is in good shape for its age and may have a page or two missing from the back. There is a sheet which is the President’s speech to Hawaii called “The President’s Aloha to Hawaii”.
There’s some pencil writing in the bulletin naming some of the people in the pictures.

Phil Geauque was a Pinkerton Detective in the late 1890's into the early 1900's in the Chicago area. Phil then moved to San Francisco where he had an office in the Flood Building as a Pinkerton Detective Agency supervisor. Sometime later, Phil Geauque joined the U.S. Secret Service. Phil Geauque served on the Franklin Delano Roosevelt's trip to Hawaii in 1934. He passed away 1951 in San Francisco.

Phil was also supervisor to fellow Pinkerton Detective and author Dashiell Hammett who referred to Phil as the "Old Man" in his books. Dashiell Hammett is known for novels such as The Maltese Falcon. There is mention of Phil Geauque in a review Terry Zobeck did for The Lost Detective, where he notes that Nathan “speculates that the real model for the Op may have been Hammett’s San Francisco boss, Phil Geauque, who was short, fortyish, balding and a heavy smoker, and who ended up being on FDR’s secret service detail.”